What we cover:

How we add value to your business

We leverage Risk and Insurance through our professional relationships to manage client cash flow, long-term client goals and ultimately profitability. Nothing feels better to us than assisting in making decisions that directly benefit our client’s bottom line and efficiency.

To that end our Risk management strategy comprises of:

Insurance Review and Customization

(Excess considerations, Pre-authorisations, digital claims submission, claims tracking and workflow optimization).

This saves man-hours lost due to managing claims and related administration, increases productivity of staff and allows them to focus on business matters rather than insurance matters. This is where we often find our first cost saving; on average 5%-15% of premium depending on risk.

Driver Culture Review

(Reducing the number and severity of accidents, incentivising driving behaviours and how they will be measured)

This helps us increase driver efficiency, promote a safer driving culture, reduce maintenance and wear and tear as well as increase vehicle fuel efficiency through reduction of waste. This saves on average 10%-15% on vehicle maintenance and fuel expenditure; historically 43.13% reduction in driver-initiated accidents, the most recent example reducing from 35.76% to 14.12%.

Overhead Cost Review

(Delving into the fixed costs. Asset lifecycles, vehicle economic life, maintenance, fuel pricing and distribution are amongst the areas of focus.)

The reduction of any fixed costs without compromising quality or current service levels results in immediate savings to our clients through our extensive relationships and SLA’s across the vehicle and fleet industry; Typically savings range between 5%-20%.

Conversion of Driver Data and Insight

(Maximising driver up-time, training, and implementation of a transport-economics viewpoint to risk management. Analytics and conversion of driver data, Operational, Strategic, Financial and Industry insight.)

Movement from subconscious errors to conscious errors and subconscious improvement to fulfil a driver self-correction cycle. This allows management by exception as driver habits improve. Integration with HR and training processes and driver insight for management considerations.

As advisors to our clients, our primary goals are to:

  • Reduce insurance premiums without compromising quality or service levels
  • Reduction in incidents and safety events
  • Maximise driver productivity to revenue ratio
  • Maximising of profitability through managing fixed costs
  •  Maximising throughput
  • Our commitment to you, the client, is to act with Integrity, drive efficiency and establish a relationship of trust.

    Mail or call us for a consultation to discuss how we can “worry” about your risks, while you focus on what matters to you.

    Bespoke Fleet Insurance

    In addition to finding an insurer that’s a good fit for your business from a policy wording perspective, Zero excess and removing percentage based excesses is a primary focus in order to remove financial risk and variables from your balance sheet.

    Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

    This policy provides cover against major hazards such as fire, lightning, wind, water, hail and snow to name a few. The policy includes cover for property and goods owned by the insured including plant and machinery, fixtures, fittings and more.

    Business Interruption Insurance

    This important policy provides cover for loss of income following an insured disaster i.e. a flood.

    Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

    Another crucial commercial policy which covers your business against loss of money or property caused by fraud or theft committed by an employee.


    A generally compulsory cover/policy which covers the insured for legal costs relating to legal action taken up against the insured due to the loss of or damage to property belonging to a third-party individual or even the injury or death of said third party.

    Accidental Damage Insurance

    This provides cover for accidental damage to items that are not necessarily individually insured or specified on the policy.

    Electronic Equipment Insurance

    Electronic equipment policies cover loss or damage to any commercially used electronic equipment items i.e. computers.

    Accounts Receivable Insurance

    The policy covers loss of or damage to accounting records/documents at your business. Unpaid debts as a result of the loss or damage are also covered by this section/policy.

    Buildings Combined Insurance

    Covers buildings and general property against a wide variety of hazards. This cover can include various extensions.

    Business All Risks Insurance

    Covers your all risk items whilst at work and wherever you go.

    Theft Insurance

    Critical insurance cover/policy that covers robberies and crime. Forcible and violent entry is most often a requirement.

    Money Insurance

    Covers loss of actual cash/money at your business premises and in transit.

    Glass Insurance

    Glass insurance covers your business against accidental breakage of glass at your business premises.

    Local Goods in Transit Insurance

    Insurance to cover the loss of or damage to goods whilst being transported.

    Personal Accidental Insurance

    An often-overlooked policy which covers specified employees for accidental injury or death.

    Motor Insurance

    Cover for all your commercial vehicles against loss or damage. Various cover options are available.

    Office Contents Insurance

    The policy that covers the contents of your office against various insured perils.

    Sasria Insurance

    A mostly compulsory insurance that protects your business against riots and strikes. SASRIA is a government insurer.

    Body Corporate

    This policy covers body corporates i.e. a Body Corporate should they become legally liable for damages or loss.

    Trustees Indemnity

    Needed to cover the trustees of a Body Corporate should they become legally liable for damages or loss.

    Motor Traders Insurance

    The perfect policy to cover a business that looks after vehicles for prolonged periods of time i.e. mechanics, service centres.

    Other Commercial

    • Specialised Liability
    • Products Liability
    • Defective Workmanship
    • Security Company Liabilities
    • Heavy Commercial
    • Directors’ and Officers Liability
    • Commercial Crime
    • Cyber insurance
    • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Contractors All Risk
    • Erection All Risks
    • Plant All Risks
    • Performance Guarantees
    • Aviation Insurance
    • Game/Wildlife Insurance
    • Film Producers Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Third-Party Liability
    • Marine Insurance
    • ProCycIe Insurance
    • Agricultural
    • Bereavement
    • Car Hire
    • Commercial
    • Fuel & Motor Industries
    • Commercial Legal
    • Dealer Assist
    • Equine Insurance
    • Excess Waiver
    • Goods In Transit
    • Identity Theft
    • Inception value protection
    • Marine Insurance
    • Mechanical Warranty
    • Office Automation
    • Personal Legal
    • Pet Insurance
    • Plant All Risk
    • Pothole Cover
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Rentals Deposit Guarantee
    • Rental Insurance Policy
    • Scratch & Dent
    • Specie Insurance

    Personal insurance

    Homeowners Insurance

    Household Contents

    Personal All Risks Insurance

    Personal Liability Insurance

    Personal Accident Insurance

    Motor Insurance